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PE pipe to replace old steel pipe, cast iron pipe water pipe network to upgrade

It is reported, from the beginning of the second half of the year, water supply, gas supply network of Tianjin city will continue to adopt environment-friendly polyethylene (PE) to replace the current widely used pressure difference, easy to steel or cast iron pipe corrosion, PE pipe in damage repair, than steel or cast iron pipe is more convenient, safe, repair by area gas stop effect will be reduced.
Widely used in Tianjin city pipe -- steel or cast iron pipe service life of only 20 years, especially the influence of the underground environment is easy to corrode and leak, annual supply, gas department to invest a lot of money for the old, damaged pipeline for replacement. The PE pipe non-toxic, due to its high pressure up to 4 kg (PE tap water pipeline pressure up to 16 kg), and good flexibility, not easily corroded, the pipe service life of up to 50 years, which will greatly reduce the cost of.