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The implementation of the transformation of the old gas pipe network in Hebei District City, Tianjin.

Gas network involving thousands of households in the safety of life and property, but because some of the old district near the gas pipeline service life, there are certain security hidden danger. Therefore, Tianjin city, Hebei District Project Construction Committee actively organize relevant force, the full implementation of the gas drainage pipe renovation work, to provide security for the people living in.
This reporter recently visited Hebei District Kawa Kumori community, this piece of concrete slab building built in the 80's of last century, Hebei District is the first high-rise residential building, in 1990, the original gas pipelines have been used so far, indoor gas pipe and auxiliary gas facilities corrosion serious, there are some security risks.
Who lives in Kawa Kumori, Zhu aunt told reporters, before the transformation, because of gas alarm has two time, cooking is not safe, and the use efficiency of the gas is not high, the residents here have been expecting to give their gas transformation. After transformation, but is not the same, in particular fire Wang, the dishes are delicious!
Reporter in the interview to understand, to replace the former, Hebei District Project Construction Committee specially invited more than thirty community residents representing watched other transformation plots after the transformation of the way, and they all sit down face-to-face negotiation. Ask most people agree, there is still a small number of residents for family reasons just decoration end, do not want to replace the line, but a household does not change, it will affect the whole building, Kawa Kumori housing management station staff from door to door to do the work. Finally, three buildings nearly six hundred households all agree to change, which makes this project can be implemented smoothly.
Reporter morning interview down, contact a lot of people, is the most intuitive feeling of everyone in this replacement gas pipeline is very satisfactory. Truly the masses of things as their own thing, try various devices to the people.
Reportedly, this year Hebei District Project Construction Committee of the old gas pipe network of involved 8 small district, Tianjin Manhua pipe Limited production of polyethylene gas pipe length of 15107 meters of PE transformation. As of late 5, has transformed to 933 households, the completion rate of 71%.