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PE gas pipes need anti-corrosive treatment?

Life is alive, we have done the most certainly belongs to eat and sleep, but, you know? PE gas pipe in our view such a simple thing is, is because of the existence of PE gas pipe, to make our life so beautiful, if PE gas pipe corrosion in our life, it will bring a great impact on our lives, PE gas, need to be protected against corrosion treatment?
First of all, in fact, PE gas pipe is polyethylene resin quality as the main raw material, add the necessary auxiliaries such as antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbent.
And, as we know, PE gas pipe is a kind of plastic products, with strong corrosion resistance, the buried in the ground when life is long, however, as none of us can guarantee its period of use, so it needs to understand PE gas pipe can use how long, most of the time we can know is most of the gas pipe can be used for many years in particular PE gas pipe, which is used in PE material as the coating of anti-corrosion, there will not be any corrosion phenomenon. The general service life is 20 years. So PE gas pipe in life is not to worry about the corrosion phenomena.
Then, for PE gas pipe, we need to pay attention to in life? We present here is the problem in welding, welding time must pay attention to density, avoid a lot of unnecessary harm.