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Steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe using method

Steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is referred to plastic composite pipe reinforced with steel wire mesh or perforated steel plate on the inner wall of the pipe. This new type of pipe with high strength plastic steel mesh skeleton and thermal plastic steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe plastic polyethylene as raw material, wire mesh as the polyethylene plastic pipe reinforced body, with high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the matrix, the high performance of HDPE modified resin bonding wire skeleton and the inner the outer layer, high density polyethylene are closely linked, so that it has excellent composite effect.

Steel skeleton plastic composite pipe with high strength steel wire reinforced body is covered in the continuous thermoplastic plastics, so the compound tube overcomes the disadvantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, and keeps the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe. Steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, using high-quality materials and advanced production technology, so that a higher voltage performance. At the same time, the composite pipe has excellent flexibility, suitable for long distance buried with water supply, gas transmission pipeline system. Pipe steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe is used in polyethylene electrofusion fittings. Connection, the pipe internal body heat pipe outer plastic pipe fittings and the inner plastic melt, the pipe and pipe fittings reliably connected together.

Gas transmission and distribution engineering provisions in polyethylene and steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe laying?
1, polyethylene and steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe shall meet the requirements of current national standard "technical regulation" polyethylene gas pipeline project, the CJJ63. Pipeline construction should be established before the construction scheme, determine the connection method, connection condition, welding equipment and tools, operating norms, the welding parameters, the operator's technical level requirements and quality control method.
2, the pipe connection to connect equipment according to the instruction manual for examination, in the use of the process should be checked periodically.
3, the pipe connection, should be checked for pipes, pipe specifications, pressure rating connection: check the pipe surface, not to bump, scratch, bruise depth should not exceed the pipe wall thickness of 10%.
4, pipe connection should be conducted at ambient temperature -5 ~ 45 ℃. When the environment temperature is below -5 ℃ or in the wind is greater than 5, the weather conditions, wind, thermal insulation measures should be taken, and adjust the connection technology. Pipeline connection process, should avoid strong direct sunlight and the influence of welding temperature.
5, when the pipe, fittings and the construction site storage of large temperature difference, connection pipes, pipe fittings shall be set aside some time in the construction site, the temperature and the temperature close to the construction site.
6, after the completion of the joint should be natural cooling, mobile joints, remove to a tool or external force exerted on the joint shall be in cooling process.
7, the pipeline connection is completed, should be the number markers, and record.
8, the pipeline should be elevation and tube based quality inspection in the ditch, we can ditch.
9, pipe installation, pipe ditch water should be pumping, every day, open the pipe end temporary plugging.
10, do not use metal materials directly binding and lifting pipeline. The pipeline trench should prevent scratch, distorted and strong extension.
11, to cross the railway, highway, river city, the main road of pipeline, should reduce the interface, and through the pipe before the deal with connection good strength and tightness test.
12, pipe, pipe fittings from production to use between the storage time, the yellow line should not be more than 1, years, black pipe should not be more than 2 years. Over the period must be re sampling inspection, qualified before use.

Construction of buried steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe pipe, pipe in gas pipeline storage requirements?
1, pipe, pipe fittings should be stored in a well ventilated, temperature less than 40 ℃ storehouse. Not open storage, not near the heat source. Should not be torn off the protective sleeve or removed at both ends sealing cover before use.
2, the level of the tubes shall be stacked in the support on the flat or on the ground. Stacking height should not be more than 1.5m; when to take protective measures, stacking height can be properly increased, but should not be more than 3m. pipe fittings shall be stacked neatly by, that did not fall, and is convenient for taking and management.
3, pipe, pipe fittings in the outdoor temporary piling shall cover.
4, the pipe should be stored, classification of different diameter and wall thickness of the pipe pile. Pointed convex objects stacking place should not have may damage the pipe.
Electrothermal welding engineering specification for buried steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe gas pipeline?
1, electric melting connection machine and electric melting pipe shall be connected correctly. Electrothermal melting by connecting the connecting tool, should meet the pipe with electric heating voltage, current, heating time, cooling time requirements.
2, in the electric welding and cooling period shall not be mobile connection equipment, pipes and pipe fittings, without any external force is applied on it.
3, electric melting connection shall be in accordance with the following provisions:
1) connecting end electric melting connection pipe cutting should be vertical, and should be used to clean cloth wipe pipe and pipe fittings connected surface dirt, mark the depth of insertion, removal of the surface oxide layer.
2) electric melting connection, should use the connection centralizing tool for straightening to pipe and pipe connection, which are on the same axis.
In 4, the installation site should be made when cutting pipe, pipe section and the vertical axis, and should make the section processing. Prohibited the use of pipe, pipe exposed steel or steel wire in the end.
5, the electric melting sleeve and pipe with too loose, deal with the school, eliminate not normal; tight should use the scraping scraping machine.