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New GB upcoming alliance Strengthening Self-discipline

Fuel pipeline accidents occurred in Shandong of Qingdao City, not only exposed the problem of oil pipeline, but also to other pipeline industry sounded the alarm. As the rapid development of product gas with plastic pipe, the same relationship with every people's life and property safety, how to better ensure the safety? PE gas in November 27th to 28 held in Shanghai (polyethylene) pipe industry self-regulation Work Conference & PE pipe compound exchanges will be given the answer is: quality.
    In recent years, development of science and technology of polymer materials, brought the PE to improve the performance of the raw materials, in PE gas transmission pipelines has been gradually used widely, some areas will have PE pipeline as town gas pipeline of choice. China Gas Pipeline Industry in PE is increasing at the same time also exposed some problems, such as the quality of the products is not optimistic, affecting the healthy development of the industry.
    The industry think, want to let PE pipe for city gas delivery plays the role of safety valve, must be strictly the quality pass. Improve standards on the one hand, in line with international standards; on the other hand, to strengthen industry self-regulation, let the high quality product and market, "quality first" and the concept of security responsibility to really be implemented in the industry.
Quality uneven cause security problems
    According to incomplete statistics, the city gas accidents, gas network accidents accounted for 70% ~ 80%, therefore, the safety of gas pipe network is the main part of city gas safety. The gas pipeline is the main form of gas pipe network, with the popularity of PE for gas pipeline, accounted for more than 70% PE gas pipe gas pipeline, gas pipeline and some new district has been used in all PE pipeline. In 2012, China PE pipe total about 3000000 tons, of which the town gas about 400000 ~ 500000 tons, much used in low-pressure gas pipeline.
    "Many engineering examples to illustrate the PE pipeline is a good product, a group of backbone enterprises of the industry product quality is reassuring, but it is the level of product quality in the circulation field uneven, individual enterprises and purchasers quality consciousness is not strong, processing equipment, some companies use low gear the use of substandard raw materials and excessive add filling material such as ways to reduce costs, the product is not up to the requirements of the national standard, disrupting the normal market order." Secretary General Plastics piping China Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee Secretary Wang Zhanjie told reporters, raw materials do not meet standards, processing undeserved, quality management level is not high is currently affecting gas with several factors of PE pipe product   quality, but do not regulate the market is one of the most important reasons.
    According to the introduction, the quality and stability of raw materials will have a direct relationship with the gas PE pipe quality, sometimes even decisive. In accordance with the requirements of national standards, raw material gas PE pipe requires the use of polyethylene mixed ingredients, not using "white and black" material, but at present, some enterprises choose to "white and black" way, individual production enterprises in order to save the cost of production, recycled materials, the unqualified raw material and filling instead of pipe material, plus there are enterprises within the industry to use low-grade processing equipment such as ways to reduce costs, has seriously affected the quality of the products.
In addition, the plastic pipeline engineering quality depends largely on the construction level, the construction of good products and good can guarantee good running projects in the pipeline system. At present, the problem of the lack of professional engineering and technical personnel, engineering design is not reasonable, also makes the gas application using PE in pipeline construction, occurred as a result of improper installation problems.
    More importantly, the "price war" situation, products of good quality and competitive but poor quality, the market appeared "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon, some enterprises choose to "adapt", forming a vicious spiral. Some processing enterprises fraud, low price competition, the unqualified raw materials prices, to deceive customers; some processing enterprises purchase is qualified resin, and raw material suppliers are not necessarily qualified compound etc..
"Due to various reasons, the uneven quality of Gas PE pipe, a successful individual gas enterprises blindly pursue low-cost, market regulation and the lack of effective means, resulting in some inferior products entering   the city gas pipe, PE pipe quality problems caused by the accident." Chinese City Gas Association Secretary Chi Guojing suggested, to stand in the people-oriented, respect the height of life, understanding the relationship between pipe quality and gas safety, ensure the quality of PE pipe for gas. At the same time, strengthen self-discipline, increase the intensity of training and accelerate the pace of technological innovation.
The new national standard will promote quality self-discipline
    It is reported, at present our country PE gas pipeline related national and industry standards 10; standard technical procedures, engineering 3; welding equipment standards 2. Most equivalent, according to the international standard and advanced countries, the main technical project and the advanced indexes, practice has been constant revision. The only direct related products GB "buried PE gas pipeline system (PE) - part first: pipe" (GB 15558.1) is being revised, expected to be unveiled next year.
    "The new revised standard will reach the international standards, to meet the basic requirements of gas enterprises." New GB first drafter, chinaust group management department manager Wang Zhiwei said, the key content revised new GB mainly comprises a range of PE gas pipe, the mixed ingredients, pipe and its performance. As the new standard will be from a single solid wall tube is extended to general PE pipe, CO extruded multi