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Put a pipeline will replace the metal gas pipes for polyethylene gas pumping

Put a pipeline project recently put into industrial production pumping Tianjin Manhua Pipe Co. Ltd. for polyethylene gas in coal mine. This new product over China in Tianjin Pipe Co., independent research and development company can replace metal mining pipe, effectively reduce accidents.
According to the company general manager Zhang introduction, this product is a special new type of PE pipe, PE100 pipe materials by PE80, adding antistatic agent, flame retardant and modified additives such as extrusion forming. Products of flame retardant, antistatic, specific sites suitable for underground flammable, explosive. Because the PE pipe density is small, the unit weight of only 1/8, glass steel pipe 1/3, convenient transportation, installation, but also can save the anti-corrosion and removal costs, service life is much higher than that of steel, the comprehensive economic benefits is 6 ~ 8 times of steel pipe.